Detroit Community Care Network

Detroit Community Care Network (DCCN) is a faith-based organization that serves the Detroit community by supporting the health & well being of its people. DCCN represents a collection of member churches operated by caring volunteers utilizing as its foundation, Transition to Success, a demonstrated standard of care that helps support individuals and families as they transition from dependency to self sufficiency. Together, in partnership with St. John Providence Health System (Ascension), United Way for Southeastern Michigan, United Way 211, Tri-Unity CDC, Gleaners, GreenPath Financial, TTS-LLC, Matrix Human Services, DTE, City of Detroit, Advantage Health Centers, Ortele Health, RiverStar, and Wayne Health, Wayne State University. DCCN delivers a comprehensive network focused on accessible, coordinated care responding directly to the social determinants of health.


Our collaborative model of care creates an innovative environment where communities are inspired to engage in activities that elevate individuals to improve their lives and those around them


Detroit Community Care Network, a faith-based model of care serves those in need with compassion, respect, confidentiality by providing necessary resources to support the transformation of lives and help maps pathways to success.

Core Values

Compassion - We provide a nurturing environment built on empathy

Advocacy - We work as stewards in a collaborative environment to transform lives

Confidentiality - We safeguard all shared information with ethical and reliable practices

Trust - We treat everyone regardless of religion, ethnicity, age, or social status with dignity and respect

Mastery - We strive to meet the highest level of excellence through innovation and best practices

Collaboration - We build relationships with others who look to improve the community in which we serve

Volunteerism - We give our time and talents as a social responsibility to help create a better community

Services Provided

Who We Serve

Everyone. Our goal is to assist everyone we come in contact with, to be the best (self) they can be, mind, body and spirit. Our philosophy is to help create an environment where it is safe and okay to ask for help. To often members of our congregations and community suffer in silence because of the stigma associated with behavioral health issues and the lack of resources due to poverty, family crisis, etc. Each of us has our own unique challenges and we are all different. However, we all want and deserve to live a healthy and well life free from guilt and shame for the things that we lack or challenges that impact our happiness. DCCN is a helping hand to meet the needs of individuals and families and we welcome the opportunity to serve.